Popular Music - Style and Identity
"The best IASPM conference" - Simon Frith

De bundel Popular Music - Style and Identity bevat de papers van de zevende Internationale Conferentie Populaire Muziekstudies die in Juli 1993 plaats vond in Stockton, CA. De bundel staat onder redactie van Will Straw, Stacey Johnson, Rebecca Sullivan, Paul Friedlander en Gary Kennedy. De bundel telt meer dan 300 pagina's, en bevat bijdragen van meer dan 50 auteurs. De inhoudsopgave is onderstaand terug te vinden. De bundel is te bestellen bij IASPM-Benelux door overmaking van FL. 40,- op girorekening 745939 ten name van IASPM, Sleeuwijk, onder vermelding van naam, volledig adres, en de aanduiding Stockton.


Will Straw
The Stockton Conference: Recollections and Commentaries
Simon Frith, Paul Friedlander, Anahid Kassabian
"Drumbeats, Pennywhistles and All That Jazz": The Relationship Between Urban South African Musical Styles and Musical Meaning
Lara Allen
Sensation and Seduction: Sissel Kyrkjebo 'Breathtakes' Norway - The Signifying Power of The Voice
Kate Augestad
The Identities of Race, Class and Gender in the Repression of Early Black South African Jazz and Vaudeville (ca. 1920-1944)
Christopher Ballantine
Watching Pop Music Video Audiences
Ute Bechdolf
The Ins and Outs of Youth Broadcasting in (East) Germany
Susanne Binas
The Politics and Musical Practice of "Crossover"
David Brackett
Lesbians and Popular Music:does it matter who is singing?
Barbara Bradby
The End of the World as We Know It: Popular Music's Cultural Mobility
Marcus Breen
Not Taking The Rap: NWA Get Stranded On An Island Of Realism
Martin Cloonan
Localizing Sound
Sara Cohen
We Can Work It Out
John Covach
Canadian Women in Country Music
Linda Daniel
American Karaoke Performers As Amateurs and Professionals
Robert S. Drew
For Love Or Money? Austin Musicians' Discourse On the Idealist/Materialist Debate
Jeff Farley
Two Stories: Where Exactly is the Local?
Mark Fenster
Old School - New School:' An Examination of Changes in the Production and Consumption of Post-disco Underground Dance Music in New York City
Kai Fikentscher
Black Or White? Stylistic Analysis Of Early Motown Crossover' Hits: 1963-1966
Jon Fitzgerald
Listen to Your Voice! Authenticity and Reflexivity in Karaoke, Rock, Rap and Techno Music
Johan Fornas
Body, Soul, and Modernity:A Comparative Study of Edith Sodergran and Eva Dahlgren
Hillevi Ganetz
The Veneration of James Brown and George Clinton In Hip-hop Music Is It Live! Or Is It Re-memory?
Kyra D. Gaunt
Rockin' the Imagined Local: New York Rock in A Reterritorialized World
Leslie C. Gay, Jr
Quebec Sings "E Uassuian" The Coming of Age of A Local Music Industry
Line Grenier & Val Morrison
New Perspectives in Musicology:Musical Structures, Codes And Meaning in 1990s Pop
Stan Hawkins
Australian Music Video: Industrial Spaces, Economics And Style
Philip Hayward
Is This What You Call Change? Flexibility, Post-Fordism and the Music Industries
David Hesmondhalgh
Singing Not Together: Karaoke in Sao Paolo
Shuhei Hosokawa
Local Construction of Identity: Analysing Category-Work of an Amateur Music Group
Helmi Jarviluoma
An American Accent:Gender and Cultural Reorientation in Australian Popular Music
Bruce Johnson
"Crossover" and the Politics of "Race"
Simon Jones
Recasting Popular Music Studies' Conceptions of the Authentic and the Local in Light of Bell's Theorem
Steve Jones
Who Gets To Sound American in Hollywood Films?
Anahid Kassabian
The Adaptability of Karaoke in the United Kingdom
William H. Kelley
Technologies of Authorship in Disco
Carolyn Krasnow
Rock and Ritual: The star-cult as a phenomenon of the music industry and as a communications stereotype of modern musical culture
Konstanze Kriese
Institutional Practices in Alternative Music Scenes
Holly Kruse
An Examination of Industrial Practice: The Case of Wax Trax! Records
Stephen Lee
A Comparison of the Use and Appeal of Karaoke in Japan and Australia: How has Karaoke Adapted to the Australian Culture?
Heather Macaw
Subculture, Rock Music, and Gender
Airi Muki-Kulmala
Karaoke Throughout the World (Introductory Remarks)
Toru Mitsui
Money for Nothing? The Future of Copyright Renumeration For The Use of Phonograms In Radio and the Blank Tape Levy/Fee
Jari Muikku
Newfoundland Vernacular Song
Peter Narvaez
Sinead O'Connor: Miniature Portrait of the Artist as an Angry Young Woman
Keith Negus
Karaoke in Japan: A Sociological Overview
Hiroshi Ogawa
The Influence of Czech Folklore on Czech Rock Music
Alec Opekar
Music Knows No Borders: The Political Background of the GDR's International Rock Concerts in the Late EightiesMichael Rauhut
A Hero to Most? Elvis, Myth, and the Politics of Race
Gilbert B. Rodman
The Garifuna & Creole Culture of Belize Explosion of Punta Rock
Jennifer Ryan
The Booth, The Floor and the Wall: Dance Music and the Fear of Falling
Will Straw
(Dis)located? Rhetoric, Politics, Meaning and the Locality
John Street
He Waiata Na Aotearda - Maori and Polynesian Music in New Zealand: Akona Te Reo
Tony Mitchell
What's That Sound? Listening To Popular Music, Revisited
Paul Theberge
Discotheques in Puerto Rico: Salsa vs. Rock
Patria Roman Velasquez
Clamor and Community: Rhythm, Rhyme, and Rhetoric in the Music of Public Enemy
Robert Walser
Mick Jagger: An Analysis of Sexuality, Style and Image
Sheila Whiteley
In Search of Yaa Amponsah
Peter Winkler