PhD Reading Group Music – first meeting: 13 December, 2013

On the 13th of December an active group of PhD’s who are connected by their research topic: music, will meet up in Utrecht. This meet-up will be the first of many to discuss the latest literature in popular and classical music research, progress of own research, interesting conferences and other relevant matters. In the first meeting we gather to discuss a chapter of Hesmondhalgh’s latest book ‘Why Music Matters’ (2013) and we will look into organizing a music-research related symposium in 2014. Feel free to join if you’re reading ‘Why Music Matters’, interested in the topic of music, or if you would like to meet fellow PhD’s who are working on music-related projects.

See for more information here.

Location: Utrecht, Drift 25, room 1.05
Date: 13-12-2013
Time: 11.00-13.00

For more information contact: Lieke Wijnia at

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Music Matters @ RUG: Performing Culture trough Music

Music Matters: Performing Culture trough Music is a concert and guest lecture series organized by KCM (The Arts, Culture and Media Department), Studium Generale and ICOG (The Groningen Research Institute for the Study of Culture) of the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen together with KVNM (The Royal Society for Music History of the Netherlands) and the Prins Claus Conservatory. This series seriously considers live music as a central facet of comtemporary life, especially as musical phenomena engender forms of cultural identification, group affiliation and the creative expression of profound emotions. It looks in particular at the intersections between arts practice and scholarly research and therefore it offers not only a series of intellectual discussions on important research themes, but also features monthly lunch-time concerts featuring professional, established performers from Groningen and from the Netherlands. Each edition will focus on a specific theme related to the world of music practices and arts communities. Both local and international scholars will offer insight and expertise on subjects related to live music subjects such as music festivals, the aesthetics of improvisation, performing gender and race through music, and music revivals. These issues will be addressed through lectures, workshops and presentations.

More information, check

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IASPM-lezing 15-11, 3pm, Amsterdam: Sonic Territories: POP and the CITY

In collaboration with de Illustere School, Faculty of Humanities (UvA)

During this study afternoon we will address questions like: how is sound implicated in everyday processes of local identity constructions? How does pop negotiate place at different levels (local, national, regional, global)? And how does the musical city function as a site of negotiation for identities in relation to wider globalizing forces?

Globalization, to say the least, challenges traditional notions of identity. Ongoing processes of cross-cultural interchange, international economic interdependence and increasing mobilization have led to the need to redefine our understanding of the relationship between global processes and practices of local meaning-making. Specific places like the City have become a vital cite for negotiations of contemporary social, material, and political realities, and lie at the intersection of global imaginations and local urban culture.

Popular music plays a pivotal role in these urban struggles over identity and place and is an active performer in the negotiations between global media flows on the one hand and a fierce demarcation and vindication of local traditions on the other. As an important cultural sphere in which identities are affirmed, challenged, taken apart and reconstructed’ (Connell and Gibson 2003, p. 117), popular music resonates simultaneously with globalizing discourses of late capitalism and neoliberalism as well as with the trend to fetishize locality.

During this study afternoon, organized by the International Association for the Study of Popular Music (IASPM) in collaboration with the ASCA research group “Sonic Territories – of Music and Place”, we will address questions like: how is sound implicated in everyday processes of local identity constructions? How does pop negotiate place at different levels (local, national, regional, global)? And how does the musical city function as a site of negotiation for identities in relation to wider globalizing forces?


Lament for a Dying City: Wellington’s Contemporary Music Scene

Geoff Stahl

In this discussion, I want to explore aspects of Wellington, New Zealand’s contemporary music scene in the context of a city deemed by the country’s Prime Minister to be “dying.”  Lamentations for the waning culture of a city are a common trope, which announces itself in different ways in different urban contexts. In the case of Wellington, a city which has nominated itself the cultural capital of the country, this species of rhetoric finds a different resonance due to the city’s reliance on policies which draw heavily from the imported and well as local images of what makes a creative city.  I want to take this figure of a dying city and examine it in light of the recent scene, as it waxes and wanes according to seismic, economic and demographic shifts.

Geoff Stahl

Dr. Geoff Stahl is a Senior Lecturer in Media Studies at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.  His research focuses on urban culture and popular music.  He has published articles on musicmaking Montreal, Berlin and Wellington and is the editor of the forthcoming collection, “Poor, But Sexy: Reflections on Berlin Scenes” (Peter Lang forthcoming, 2013).


Stephen Amico

Both place and space, although they are wedded to material specificities, are perhaps foremost – as they necessarily relate to social actors – constructions.  And while not wishing to elide the very constructedness of the human body itself, or suggest a type of universal explanans via “somatics,” in this short talk I would like to foreground lived, corporeal experience as partly foundational to experiences – and thus constructions – of place and space.  Drawing upon both phenomenological theory, as well as fieldwork in the United States and Russia, the interrelatedness of the body, sex, sexuality, and popular musics will be highlighted as essential to formations of situated subjectivities and intersubjectivities for specific groups of gay men in particular urban settings.

Stephen Amico

Dr. Stephen Amico is an Assistant Professor in the departments of Music and Mediastudies at the University of Amsterdam. His book, Roll Over Tchaikovsky:  Russian Popular Music and Post-Soviet Homosexuality will be released next year by University of Illinois Press.

Sons of William Tell

Music and identity in post-Revolutionary Cuban popular music

Jeffrey Pijpers

Since the Cuban Revolution in 1959, the state machinery was highly concerned with the formation of an official cultural canon in relation to the articulation of a new Cuban national identity. Initially music proved to be a great means of articulating the political message of this “Revolutionary state,” but ever since the 1980s the younger generations of musicians refused to comply with a revolutionary discourse they no longer identified themselves with. Due to state censorship they ended up being marginalized as musicians, which caused them to record, spread and perform their music in the “underground” urban scene of Havana. In this specific context, highly relevant questions with a broader significance can be addressed: What role does music play in the definition of one’s identity? How can music mediate in the articulation of a different understanding of “place” and “territory” when the borders between inside and outside – of the nation, the legitimized urban or musical realm, or even musical tune – come to blur? And how can specific places of the Cuban diasporic territory such as Havana, Miami and Madrid function as signifiers for diasporic or marginal identities?

Jeffrey Pijpers

Jeffrey Pijpers is currently combining his PhD on music and identities in the contexts of post-Revolutionary Cuba and 1970s Brazil at ASCA with a job in IT sales and occasionally makes his appearance as a guest-musician on a variety of musical ventures throughout Europe.


You can sign up for this program for free. Subscribing is not non-commital: we count on your presence. If you are unable to attend, please let us know via | T: +31 (0)20 525 8142.

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Oproep voor hoofdstuk bijdragen – Made In The Low Countries


Made In The Low Countries
Studies in Popular Music of Flanders and the Netherlands

als deel in de reeks Made In… van Routledge.
Zie voor het onlangs verschenen eerste deel van de reeks, Made In Spain:

Doel van de reeks is: aan de internationale Popular Music Studies community buiten
het betreffende territorium laten zien tot welke geschiedenissen en inzichten het
bedrijven van Popular Music Studies door insiders hier geleid heeft.
Lezers/gebruikers van de reeks zijn op de eerste plaats de buitenlandse collega’s en
studenten van nu en straks in dit brede vakgebied.
Taal: Engels is de taal van alle delen in de reeks.
Omvang per hoofdstuk: minimaal 2500 tot maximaal 5000 woorden.
Format: zo veel mogelijk hetzelfde voor de hele reeks.

Relatie met IASPM: De initiatiefnemers en eind-editors van deze reeks zijn Franco
Fabbri en Goffredo Plastino, tevens editors en co-auteurs van Made In Italy dat
binnenkort verschijnt. Zij zijn beiden actief binnen IASPM en hebben de reeks dan
ook ten doop gehouden op de internationale IASPM conferentie in juni 2013. Ook
voor Made in The Low Countries wordt in eerste instantie, en niet exclusief, een
beroep gedaan op, in dit geval, het actuele IASPM-Benelux ledenbestand en oudleden.
Als project valt elk deel van Made In… inhoudelijk onder verantwoordelijkheid
van de lokale editors in samenspraak met de genoemde eind-editors.

Brede focus. De inhoudelijk focus is op Popular Music van heden en verleden, in de
breedste zin van het begrip zoals internationaal in het vakgebied Popular Music
Studies gehanteerd, d.w.z. binnen de samenhangende dimensies van productie,
distributie en receptie, in context.

Een greep uit mogelijke onderwerpen, in willekeurige volgorde:
‐ Folk music movements in Flanders and the Netherlands
‐ Origins and impact of the first Dutch Invasion abroad [1969-1973]
‐ Festivals of bilateral exposure and competition
‐ Routes and impact of postcolonial world musics
‐ A signature song of Flanders
‐ A signature song of the Netherlands
‐ Dutch language and local dialects
‐ Urban cultures in shifting contexts [hip hop]
‐ Pop and the Welfare State
‐ Social dancing in the calvinist North as compared with the catholic South
‐ Relatively big influences from elsewhere in Europe [French, Italian, German]
‐ Changes in musical orientation within the immediate aftermath of World War I and World War II
‐ There’s No Limit: The local world of intergalactic dance production
‐ Zooming in: Belpop Bonanza phenomenon [pop history on stage]
‐ Zooming in: original musicals with local popular music subjects
‐ The meaning of success in The Low Countries
‐ Role and impact of pirate pop radio at the North Sea
‐ Splendid isolation turned extravert: Volendam (NL)
‐ The principle of artistic cooperations in Flanders rock scene [1990s]
‐ Representation and image construction in Eurovision Song Contest
‐ Content and meaning in popular song lyrics about the separate nations
‐ Marginality and tokenism in hypermedialized societies
‐ Dutch contributions to Flanders pop culture and vice versa
‐ Johnny Hoes (Telstar, NL) and Jacques Kluger (World Music, BE): two cases of
popular music industry tycoons with a crossover vision
‐ The commercial medium of music: a concise history of the sound carrier in the
Low Countries [e.g. Philips co-producer walkman, cd]
‐ Postcolonialism shared and unshared [divergent colonial histories, divergent
postcolonial music scenes]
‐ Etcetera, etcetera.

Stuur je voorstel van max. 250 woorden in het Nederlands geschreven, s.v.p. vóór 31 oktober 2013 naar:
Kristin McGee [Voorzitter IASPM Benelux en extern reviewer]
met cc naar Koos Zwaan [Secretaris IASPM Benelux en
Uiterlijk 30 november 2013 ontvangt iedereen persoonlijk bericht.

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Dutch Bachelors and Masters Popular Music Thesis Prize

The International Association for the Study of Popular Music Benelux, together with the Royal Association for Dutch Music History (KVNM), invites student applicants to apply for either the Bachelors or the Masters Popular Music Thesis Prize. This prize honors outstanding research by students writing about some aspect of popular music and is awarded to the best-researched and best-written BA and MA thesis on some subject related to popular music from a variety of disciplines. The winning thesis will incorporate one or more relevant perspectives from a broad range of academic and professional fields including but not limited to sociology, musicology, media studies, ethnomusicology, cultural studies, journalism and/or history. In general the thesis must highlight the important role that popular music performs within culture and society. Theses will be judged by a well-respected jury of 5 members comprised of Dutch and international academics and professionals from the Dutch music field.

The winning MA student will be asked to give a short lecture on their research during the Eurosonic Noorderslag conference in Groningen in January 2014.


Include in your digital application:
1. BA or MA Thesis (pdf form) including:

a.      Title of thesis
b.      Short abstract (200-300 words)
c.       Full thesis text (please do not put your name on the thesis to ensure anonymity)

2.      Separate Title Page with:

a.      Student’s name
b.      Student’s institution
c.       Thesis supervisor
d.      Education period (study dates)
e.      Student’s email and address.

3.      A digital copy of the student’s Graduation Certificate.

The thesis must have been completed in 2012 or 2013 and should be written in either Dutch or English.

Deadline: December 15, 2013

Submit pdfs to:

Contact information: for more information contact Koos Zwaan.

Award: the winning Masters student will receive 200 Euros.

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Nieuw bestuur IASPM Benelux & notulen ALV

Beste IASPM-leden,

Vlak voor de zomer was er een Algemene Ledenvergardering waarbij het belangrijkste agendapunt de bestuurswissel was. Het nieuwe bestuur van de IASPM Benelux bestaat uit:

- Kristin McGee, voorzitter
- Koos Zwaan, secretaris
- Pauwke Berkers, penningmeester en ledenadministratie
- Melanie Schiller, communicatie/webmaster NL
(met speciale aandacht voor studenten en promovendi)
-Pedro de Bruyckere, communicatie/webmaster Vlaanderen
- Tom ter Bogt, algemeen bestuurslid

De aftredende bestuursleden zijn:
- Jeroen de Kloet
- Ilona van de Bildt
- Annelies de Bruine

Wij willen de aftredende bestuursleden hartelijk danken voor hun jarenlange inzet voor de IASPM Benelux.

Een volledig verslag van de ALV is te vinden in het bijgevoegde document.
Notulen Algemene Ledenvergadering IASPM Benelux_11 juli 2013

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Bijeenkomst 12 april vervalt

Door onvoorziene omstandigheden kan de ALV en de bijeenkomst van vanmiddag, vrijdag 12 April helaas niet doorgaan. Wij zullen zo snel mogelijk een nieuwe bijeenkomst organiseren.
Met excuses voor het ongemak, mede namens het bestuur,
Jeroen de Kloet

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Plaats studiemiddag/ALV 12 april & kandidaat-bestuursleden

Aanstaande vrijdag, 12 april, vindt in Utrecht een studiemiddag en ALV plaats van de IASPM Benelux.
Deze zal plaatsvinden om 15:00 uur op de campus van de Universiteit Utrecht, in het Martinus Ruppert gebouw in zaal 138. Klik hier voor een routebeschrijving zie onderstaande link:

Voor meer informatie over de middag klik hier.

Inmiddels hebben zich 3 kandidaten gemeld voor een bestuursfunctie, te weten:
- Pauwke Berkers, Assistant Professor Sociology of Art and Culture aan de Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam.
- Kristin McGee, UD aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen.
- Melanie Schiller, Docent/Promovenda aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam.

Mocht je jezelf nog kandidaat willen stellen, of doorgeven dat je aanwezig zult zijn bij de studiemiddag en ALV, stuur dan een e-mail naar Tom ter Bogt

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Belangrijke vergadering 12 april

Beste IASPM leden,

Vrijdag 12 april is er een belangrijke vergadering van de IASPM Benelux. Er staan twee punten op de agenda:

1. de presentatie van resultaten uit een recent onderzoeksproject waaraan Hidde Bekhuis en Roza Meuleman hebben deelgenomen;
2. Bestuurswisseling.

Kom je? Meld je dan a.u.b. bij de voorzitter:

15.00 – 16.30 uur
1. Twee presentaties: Nationale culturele consumptie, de invloed van nationalisme en globalisering

In deze presentatie worden de belangrijkste en meest interessante theorieën en bevindingen van het VIDI project “Cultural sameness or the preservation of own identity: the consumption of national cultural goods in times of European integration and mass migration” met betrekking tot muziek besproken.

Over de presentatoren:
Hidde Bekhuis is postdoctoraal onderzoeker bij de vakgroep Sociologie aan de Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen. In zijn proefschrift “The popularity of domestic cultural products: cross-national differences and the relation to globalization”, welke hij op 31 mei a.s. verdedigt, staat de populariteit van nationale culturele producten op land niveau centraal. Hij heeft onderzocht in hoeverre globalisering, Europese integratie en de nationalistische publieke opinie in een land van invloed zijn op de consumptie van nationale culturele producten.

Roza Meuleman is een PhD student bij de afdeling ERCOMER, Algemene Sociale Wetenschappen aan de Universiteit Utrecht. Haar project “Own Culture First? Nationalism and National Cultural Consumption” focust zich op de consumptie van culturele goederen uit eigen land. Ze onderzoekt welke groepen vaker nationale culturele goederen consumeren (opleidingsgroepen en sociale klassen) en in hoeverre nationalistische houdingen en ouderlijke socialisatie hierin een rol spelen.

16.30 – 18.00 uur
2. Bestuurswisseling

Het huidige IASPM bestuur bestaat uit:
• Tom ter Bogt, voorzitter
• Jeroen de Kloet, penningmeester
• Koos Zwaan, secretaris
• Pedro de Bruyckere, lid
• Annelies de Bruine, lid
• Ilona van de Bildt, lid

Niet herkiesbaar zijn Jeroen de Kloet, Annelies de Bruine en Ilona van de Bildt. Tom ter Bogt wil terugtreden als voorzitter en verder gaan als gewoon lid. Koos Zwaan en Pedro de Bruyckere stellen zich verkiesbaar. Dat betekent dat het IASPM-bestuur dringend behoefte heeft aan nieuwe mensen. In ieder geval zijn de voorzitter- en de penningmeesterfunctie vacant.

• Informatie over de betreffende bestuursfuncties bij
o Tom ter Bogt
o Koos Zwaan
o Pedro de Bruyckere
• Kandidaatleden kunnen zich melden bij de voorzitter Tom ter Bogt
• In de week voorafgaande aan de vergadering worden nieuwe kandidaten via een mail bekend gemaakt.

• Ter vergadering wordt een nieuw bestuur gekozen.

IASPM leden die de vergadering niet kunnen bijwonen kunnen hun stem uitbrengen en aangeven of zij kandidaten wel/niet in het IASPM bestuur willen zien door hun voorkeuren te melden aan de voorzitter voor vrijdagmiddag 12 april 15.00 uur.

vriendelijke groet

Tom ter Bogt


15.00-18.00 uur

Plaats Utrecht: precieze locatie wordt nog nader bekend gemaakt.

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Proceedings niet volledig…

Via de link hieronder is het ontbrekende paper (van Erik Hitters en Miriam van de Kamp) uit de conference proceedings te downloaden:

Addendum proceedings_Hitters and vandeKamp

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