Dance Music and the Creative City – IASPM Studiemiddag in Groningen op 9 december

Op 9 december a.s. organiseert IASPM Benelux in samenwerking met de afdeling Kunsten, Cultuur en Media van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen voor een studiemiddag met als thema ”Dance Music and the Creative City“. Zie voor meer informatie onderstaande uitnodiging.  

Mocht je interesse hebben om op deze middag eigen onderzoek te presenteren, neem dan contact op met Kirstin McGee (    

Deelname aan de studiemiddag is gratis, maar wel graag van te voren aanmelden via het aanmeldingsformulier.

IASPM meeting
December 9,  14.00 – 17.00 hrs
University of Groningen

IASPM Benelux and the Faculty of Arts, Culture and Media cordially invites interested parties to participate in a workshop afternoon on the theme of Dance Music and the Creative City. We invite IASPM members to discuss or present work on issues related to the revitalization of dance music events in the post-industrial, creative city. Interested speakers should contact Kristin at

Some of the themes relevant for this workshop are: 

· The regeneration of dance music cultures including an examination of a greater variety of popular music participants engaging with dance music in the cosmopolitan city. These might include music amateurs, photographers, videographers, event managers, bloggers, dancers, chefs…
· The musicological and aesthetic values guiding mixed-genre dance musics. 
· The role that architectural spaces and the expansion of urban neighborhoods perform in regenerating dance music events in the twenty first century.
· Musical and cultural tourism: such as the impact of party tourists and migrating musicians and arts organizations.
· The concepts of collectivity, flexibility, professionalism and interactivity and how they remain important concepts for understanding the modes of performance, consumption and participation motivating urban dance music events. These concepts are sometimes depicted as post-Fordist phenomena by globalization theorists and might also provide productive theoretical frameworks. · Mediation: including the impact of new kinds of networks from social media to digital editing software as well as the post-event reception of dance events through new and traditional media.   

Drinks and snacks to follow the presentations and discussion.   

Confirmed Speakers:
Dr. Kristin McGee, University of Groningen – Wicked Jazz Sounds: Cosmopolitanisms and Collectivities in Amsterdam’s New Jazz World

Dr. Luis Manuel Garcia, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Freie Universitat in Berlin – Bouncers and Multiculturalism: the Political Stakes of Nightlife in Paris and Berlin


Faculty of Arts, Culture and Media
Oude Boteringstraat 34, Groningen
Room: to be announced later


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