Uitnodiging: Dance Music and the Creative City – IASPM studiemiddag in Groningen, 9 December a.s.

IASPM meeting
December 9, 14.00-17:00
University of Groningen
Dance Music and the Creative City

IASPM Benelux and the Faculty of Arts, Culture and Media at the University of Groningen cordially invite interested parties to participate in a workshop afternoon on the theme of Dance Music and the Creative City. We invite IASPM members as well as members of the university community and general public to discuss and hear presentations on issues relating to the revitalization of dance music events in the post-industrial, creative city.

Institution: Faculty of Arts, Culture and Media, University of Groningen
Address: Oude Boteringstraat 34, Groningen (click on link for Google maps)
Room: 002 (on ground floor)

>>>>>>>>>> De studiemiddag is gratis toegankelijk, maar geef je wel van te voren op via het deelnameformulier <<<<<<<<<<

In this symposium, dance music is reconfigured in a variety of new contexts from the matrices of city and national politics, to the fluid and changing creative output guided by aesthetic and musical processes of intertexuality, digitalization, experimentation and mixed-mediation. Multiculturalism, citizenship, collectivity and mass-mediation all relate to the processes and organizational structures inspiring dance music’s recent proliferation in the creative city. The activity of contemporary dance music participants variously challenge or reify the precarious cultural and ethnic identities assigned to central and peripheralized groups such as those “citizens” connected to the nation-state or conversely those cosmopolitans working internationally and self-represented outside the political bounds of regions and nations. Independent, highly professional artists promoting transnational networks in, around and beyond the metropolitan centers of leisure and physical interactivity speak to new kinds of connections engendered by digital media, migration and mobility in the twenty first century. The three speakers uniquely contribute to a discourse which too long centered upon the particular geographical locals and “schools”  of fragmented genres of electronic dance music to incorporate other surprising theoretical frames which juxtapose seemingly incongruous genres such as jazz and folk or articulate varying levels of musical professionalism and activity. Finally the speakers also consider those outside the creative musical process as important mediators in the culture of dance music such as bouncers and event planners whose influence speaks to powerful barriers and markers of identity continually at play when articulating the “who, when and where” instantiating dance music’s politics of pleasure and bodily expression in the post-industrial city.

Participating Speakers (click on the title of the paper for a full abstract):
14:00 Dr. Kristin McGee (Assistant Professor of Popular Music, University of Groningen) - Wicked Jazz Sounds: Cosmopolitanisms and Collectivities in Amsterdam’s New Jazz World

14:45 Luis Manuel Garcia (Postdoctoral Fellow at the Freie Universitat in Berlin) - Bouncers and Multiculturalism: the Political Stakes of Nightlife in Paris and Berlin

Coffee Break

15:45 Monika Zyla (Research Masters Student, University of Groningen)
Do-it-Yourself: Dance Music’s Changing Dispositions in Experimental Music Practices

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